Private Lessons

My daughter Rosalie has been studying piano with Marian for more than four years. Rosalie has accomplished many beautiful pieces and she is now in RCM grade 7 piano. With rich teaching experience, Marian teaches the pieces and technique in a skillful but fun and interesting way. I feel fortunate in having Marian as my daughter’s piano teacher.

Wendy Wang

Marian is an excellent teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of music. She encourages students to play a variety of music genres instead of limiting their experience to one form. Early on she recognized our son’s particular aptitude for Jazz music. She encourages our son to understand meanings of each passage, pay attention to harmonies and structures of the music. By gently encouraging and challenging our son, he has made a lot of progress over the past four years and continues to really enjoy playing piano. We are fortunate to have Marian teach music to our son and foster his passion for music.

Fred (parent)

I find Marian to be an excellent piano teacher. She is very focused and capable. Technique, scales, Hanon, chord analysis, duetting are all tools she uses to better understand any piano piece and help her students to memorize the material. As a bonus, she holds a student recital two times a year, thus helping us to cope with “stage fright”. I find it very helpful when she plays one of the voices and I play the other. This is great for “listening”, and “sight reading”.

Shirley (adult student)

We have been bringing our children to Marian for several years and even though we have moved we keep coming back. There is a beautiful magical moment when my child sits beside Marian at the piano when they play together. It is simply heartwarming.It is the kind of moment I long for as a parent and it happens often.

I trust the musical process completely with Marian. She easily accommodates our children’s learning styles and tailors the program to keep them engaged. It is obvious that Marian loves music and that her goal for our children is a lifelong love of all things musical. We are so grateful.

As someone who loves to learn music but never had the opportunity, Marian teaches me piano as well.I love having lessons with Marian and am very motivated in learning with her style of teaching.


My daughter has been learning piano for about four years in Marian’s piano studio. Marian is a good teacher. She is professional, and very nice. My daughter enjoys having her as her teacher very much.


Group Lessons

My daughter enjoys Marian’s piano lessons. She is in a semi private class which encourages her to do more practice at home. Marian always lets kids learn with fun. Since there is more than one student in the class there are many opportunities to play duets. My daughter enjoys this very much. Marian teaches music theory in class as well which is very important.After two years of lessons my daughter loves music and piano.

Amy (parent)

Marian has been teaching piano to our daughter for three years and is an excellent teacher. Our daughter enjoys learning from her.She has  learned a variety of musical styles such as classical, pop,rock and enjoyed this approach. Every year our daughter performs in two concerts, one year end  and  one Christmas concert organized by Marian. The concerts are an encouragement to the students to develop confidence and experience in performing before an audience.

Our daughter is taking group lessons and is progressing well. Marian chooses groups where students  are well-suited and at the same skill level. She ensures that the students stay keenly interested in class and progress at the same pace.

Sohel (parent)

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