Writing a theory exam? 6 Quick Points Towards a More Successful Exam

Wanting to avoid common errors in a theory exam?

1.Write mock exams in the allotted time and check it thoroughly [so many mistakes are due to not checking. What you don’t see means you haven’t checked to see. 🙂 !]

2.Read insrtuctions and underline key words

3.When adding rests note simple or compound time and draw the basic beat above the music.(note the use of a dot for compound and not for Simple time)

4.Check clefs, key signatures, accidentals and their usage within each measure

5.Determine tonic notes and than the technical degree in question

6.Check all questions are complete(on both sides of the paper)


Happy Successful Writing! 🙂

Piano Maestro

Looking for fun tunes and motivational tools for scales, chords, arpegios etc with interesting background music that plays along? Check out and download Piano Maestro (free app) .Your pick of style of music for beginning to intermediate levels. Various options for tempos to be adjusted and music to stop or not for any of those important missed notes.

 Technique is there too with scales  up to 2 octaves with the drop arrow giving you various keys. Songs can be assigned or unassigned right into the students ipad and you the teacher will be notified how often the student practises. No worries they love it! Enjoy! 

Need help finding interesting music?

Can’t find that piece of music? Check out musicnotes.com

Search the title or movie name with the word piano.


Frozen piano

All the piano pieces for Frozen with various levels come up.. Check  the samples out by tapping the “i”. Download a sample, print and take it to lessons before purchasing it to see if its the appropriate level.


About Musescore app

Can’t say enough about the free musescore app. Download the app and find whatever music you are looking for! Simply put in the title along with piano and a level(big note piano,easy piano,intermediate piano or advanced piano)

Example:Wake Me up easy piano

-check out the score that suits you best tap the audio arrow and the tracker button. It will track the music visually for you. Enjoy and play on!!

Note(if the title doesnt appear its not there)