Free Flash cards

So somethings are still free in life! Here’s some freebies from Marians Piano studio in Burnaby! I found music note flash cards with or without keyboard answers to download and print off. Easy for the parent to participate as the answers are given in keyboard picture format. Note value pictures are also optional in downloading and printing. All for getting your child to read that much better( not to mention you will learn it to)! A note recognized is a note played!

-Here is another freebie! Free piano advice from Marian’s Burnaby Piano studio! Check this link out onĀ on how to begin reading. A library of information out there!

-Another good read is The parents guide to music lessons. Check out this link:

Another often asked question is : How do I know if my child is ready for music lessons. Well follow the link below and you will see many good suggestions One is during the age of 6-8 is a sensitive period where motor skills and brain structure is heavily impacted by playing the piano. Read all about and MORE…

-And parents if that is not enough here is a good read on the benefits of setting goals in piano practicing for your children

Enjoy these reads! All for your child’s developement in music. Stay tuned to Marian’s Piano Studio here in Burnaby for more freebies and thoughtful aids in the musical journey !

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