Encouraging Music Students To Practise

Encouraging Music Students to Practice

Here is a good read for all parents and teachers .

A quick summary to peak your interest:

Practise Motivator:

Put a nickel in a jar (parent or teacher )for every correct kind of practise  habit during the lesson, or at the  home practise, by the parent. All required correct habits or practise session and the jar is the winnings. Not a bad price for a job well done! 🙂

Negative Words turned Positive:

“I always play that wrong”- Get the student to play it till they ARE doing it right (however slowly) Than have them take it home and continue…. Task acheived! 🙂 


“I’m trying but I can’t do it”-Take them back to a piece they previously couldn’t do and show them  their progress is upwards.  Shows forward progression as completely doable! 🙂 

Remind student CAN”T only means haven’t tried yet!! 🙂

Afraid of making mistakes!! Walk them through it with  situations they can do!  Remind them, every Olympic gold medalists has myriads of  falls only to get up and go again! The only mess up is not getting up! No one ever learned to walk without falling. It’s part of learning.That is the acheivement NOT the fall. 🙂

Happy learning (click the link for more :)!

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